How To Fix/Repair Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)

How to Fix/Repair Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

I made the video of how to resolve the problem of getting blue screen of death error. i made the video because i had same problem for long time and recently fixed it my self just by doing research and in the process i have learned allot from it, so i thought i upload this video to help you guys out there who’s got similar problem. Please note that in the video am using the graphic driver as an example.
if i made mistake or you know a better way or any other questions about the video please let me know.

Please Note that in the video i used my graphic driver as an example of getting blue screen of death.
Here is the process again:
1.Once you get BSOD
2.Install Bluescreenview
3.Go to C: drive then windows then find the minidump folder
4.Look at the driver thats causing the BSOD
5.Find which hardware uses that driver
6.Go in to safe mode & try to recreate the problem
7.If you cant its likely that its the software
8.If you can then its likely that its the hardware!
9. If its software then update/reinstall the software
10. if its hardware then you will need to buy new hardware for your computer

Bluescreenview Download:

You can download Drivers for display adapters from these websites below:

NVIDIA Display Drivers website:
AMD Display Drivers website:
INTEL Display Drivers website: