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How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized – USB Not Working?


How To Fix USB Not Rrecognized. USB Flash Memory Drive Not Opening? USB Device Not Recognized? USB Not Working? Easily Fix a USB drive. When the USB memory wont open, there are 2 usual easy ways to repair USB to get it working again.

Sometimes one of my usb is not working, and this is how I fix it.

I am assuming you’ve already tried turning the computer off and on again…

▲ Option 1: Reformat usb

▲ Option 2: Reinstall usb

Please be careful with reinstalling usb in the device manager (option 2).

I hope this helps you fix your broken usb drive and get it working again.


1) You can use Device Manager to check the status of a plugged in but not recognised USB drive by checking if the “Universal Serial Bus Controller” shows up as working correctly or has a yellow exclamation mark on it when the device is connected.

2) In device manager down the bottom you will see “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” click on the plus sign beside it which will expand that tree. You will see “USB ROOT HUB”, right-click on those 1 by 1 (keep all your usb devices plugged in) and click on “uninstall”. When you have uninstalled them all shut down your computer completely (DO NOT UNPLUG ANY USB DEVICE) then reboot your computer……….windows should do the rest and reinstall them for you properly.

3) If your computer is using Windows, you can try and use Microsoft’s fix it. They offer 2, one for usb specific issues and one for general hardware.

The usb one is here:…

and the general hardware one is here:…