Shower Faucet Repair (thorough Step By Step.)

Shower Faucet Repair (thorough step by step.)

Here’s a simple video of how to repair a shower faucet. Save yourself a few hundred bucks and do it yourself!

The tools you’ll need might vary based on your circumstances, but here’s what you’ll likely need:

Rotary tool or similar tool
Large adjustable wrench
Faucet Wrench/Socket…

The faucet wrench can be a challenge to find. Try to avoid the cheapo versions sold at big box stores. They warp, fit poorly and are generally a rip off. The best method I know for finding one that fits is to use a deep-well socket to find the proper size and then go to a plumbing store, Ace Hardware, or Tru-Value to find a good one like what’s in the video.

The design of faucet handles vary not only from brand to brand, but from model to model. I can’t help but think this is done intentionally to make repairs difficult. So, if you BREAK a handle, you’re not likely to find one that will fit. Be CAREFUL when handling them.

The only other big variable is going to be the wall of your shower. Tile showers will, of course, be a bigger challenge to work on, so don’t start breaking the tile unless you also know how to replace it. Fiberglass showers/tubs are the easiest to work with, and can be cut with a variety of tools. I use my Dremel rotary tool to cut through them.

Feel free to post any questions or comments!

I am in no way associated with Ace Hardware, Tru-Value Hardware or Dremel. Through trial and error, I have learned that those stores generally carry a higher grade of tool, have more helpful employees, and can help you if you get stuck in the middle of a repair. Some of them, like the “Handy Ace Hardware” in Tucker, GA, carry a dizzying array of parts for all sorts of repairs… parts no Home Depot or Lowe’s would ever dream of carrying.

Dremel tools… well, if you’ve never used one, you wouldn’t understand. They rock!

Jesus Loves You.